“Grown pearls” of European chamber music

Lieberman’s violin playing is very sensitive and masterly, the sound is rounded beautifully but it matches various moods. Frankly speaking it is a comprehensively diversified and colourful interpretation. The accordionist masters an untypical registration, the sounds of which seem to originate from another world. The double bass musician plays the tune in a very melodious way and with great sensitivity. All Trio musicians possess fascinating improvisation skills and are able to present wordless stories, which are rich with impression plots. First of all, the slow introductions are worthy of special attention, as they appear to be real pearls of chamber performance with the long erudition of European chamber music. The Trio’s spiritual paraphrase of the world famous hit “Hava Nagila” found a real resurrection in a truly royal decor.

Ulrich Olshausen – “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”
(Frankfurt, September 2001)

Jascha Lieberman Trio in The Kolarac Foundation Hall. So that you’d be amazed.

...during the concert at the Kolarac Foundation of the unknown to me before Jascha Lieberman Trio: I have experienced something of a kind of most magical and mysterious journey since the first edition of the Beatles’ album. The difference, however, is that Lennon – McCartney’s psychedelic trip was changed here into original folklore taken further trough a unique vision of sound of Jascha Lieberman, a vision that is neither vulgar nor overly alternative but just right. Right in what way? Hmm, perhaps that it is an ideal ethnographic paradise. You’d be amazed with its finesse! Let us say as the prophet Daniel describes it ( VI,II,9 ): “You thought you knew what sorrow is, an insane melancholy, which teases with its fingernail perfect what may seem at first but in reality a relative magic? No, you have seen nothing, I tell you!” Those old waltzes, with their stubborn syncopes, habaneras and tangos that were dosed for tens of years, the violin like clarinet’s groan deluded us, throwing at us unexpectedly magic from the stage of Kolarac Hall. Jascha Lieberman Trio consists of three Polish musicians, perfectly trained in classical music, who are interested in authentic Jewish sound and the spirit of times. The musicians grasp our attention through the most perfect music one can imagine, maintaining its original folky roots, through its entire extend from dissolution and profligacy to finesse, but in no way they approach the cheep and kitschy feeling for folklore. Jascha Lieberman Trio knows how to take your breath away through the use of its seismographic curves and fascinating geographical poetry. All this in the highest mezzoforte intensity. The sound – like the awaken birds of Middle European groves, rhythm – a touch of cellophane flowers with catkin’s velvet. It like Lucida’s diamonds, to the total audience’s amazement. This music you’d want to listen forever. ...absolutely undescribable!

Zorica Kojić – “Danas”
(Belgrade, February 2001)

A review of the Jascha Lieberman Trio “Remembrance of Kazimierz” (1999 Universal Music Polska)

... Great abilities, intuition and taste are needed to, as representatives of these great masters, give this art a truly artistic dimension and make it reach everybody’s heart and not lose its originality at the same time by becoming the sensation of the season. The Jascha Lieberman Trio musicians did everything to take up such a challenge. We admire their skills and precise performances, we take pleasure in the competent arrangements, but most of all, we are amazed by immersing ourselves in the style of this music, by the full participation, the authenticity and naturalness. Their music is really alive...

Maciej Negrey
Doctor of Theory of Music, composer